Casa VS




Photographed by Fabio Mantovani:


Inside the typical Ragusa enclosure, the house rests for a part on the outcropping rock and projects with the cantilever towards the landscape. The rock becomes a project material with which the volume is confronted. The horizontality that characterizes it is expressed through the compact and relaxed shape. The use of exposed concrete underlines the value of the structural elements such as the cantilevered floor, the partitions, the beams and the staircase, intensifying the tectonic role of the structure. The project expresses the idea of a volume-bridge, which rests on one side on the ground and on the other on the inclined foot that supports the cantilever.
The void represents the generating element within the project, it digs the volume through the loggias and the short, introducing effects of compression and expansion. The perception of the landscape is both direct and borrowed through the visual cuts that, from time to time, frame parts and not the whole, or the strongly compressed paths, conceived as devices that allow the
space to be discovered gradually.