Ex Acetaia


Lamber+Lamber Architecture


Photographed by Fabio Mantovani


LAMBER + LAMBER have complete a creative studio located in Modena, North of Italy. The office are located inside and existing volume once used for the production of the famous “aceto balsamico”. The studio works with a simple and strong concept of the box in the box interior. The offices itself is two storey high which each floor representing a formally different spatial organization. A green spiral staircase made by metal and wooden steps connects the two floors. The other specific element of the office is the entrance conceived as a small public space inside the existing building, acting as a filter between the street and the interior. The ground floor is conceived as an open plan, one continuos space in which the elements of forniture could be freely distributed, one continuous and sinuous wall contains all the services (small kitchen, bathrooms, and technical storage). The second floor (private office part) is strictly divided by transparent walls. The first floor is visually connected to the ground floor trough a narrow double height space enlighted by internal window.